The Alliance Difference

Alliance Evaluation Services, LLC (AES) is a leading provider of Independent Medical Evaluations & Diagnostic Scheduling. With over 40 years’ combined experience, we offer professional coordination of Independent Medical Examinations, Multi-specialty Group Evaluations, Medical Record Reviews, and Peer Reviews in association with Workers’ Compensation, and Personal Injury. We utilize a top-quality network of Board Certified physicians (American Board of Medical Specialties [ABMS®]) with extensive jurisdictional knowledge on medical-legal issues who offer comprehensive analyses for claims management and resolution.

The Alliance Way

AES is streamlining the IME business to give our clients a clear picture regarding the management of this area of the claims process. We utilize secure and redundant backup technology to assure the confidentiality of client records, and to protect our client’s information. Throughout the IME process, Alliance continues to provide significant innovation to our adjusters. It is not about how much paper we can shuffle, it is about how we can provide the BEST service.

Our Innovations

State-of-the-art automation of the IME process:

• Referral acceptance
• Doctor selection
• Appointment creation
• Records acceptance
• Purpose Letter creation
• Claimant notification
• Invoicing accuracy
• Follow-up processing
• Online tracking of referral/appointment
• Advance technology for phone, fax, or email

Scheduling an IME with AES is Easy

Your welcome to call us at (623) 209-7875, just fill out the PDF form & Email it to or fill out the Electronic Form and press send and our office will connect with you once it is received. Just choose the PDF button or The Electronic button below to start the process.

Diagnostic Scheduling is a Breeze with AES

Your welcome to call us at (623) 209-7875 or fill out the Electronic Form below and press send. Our office will connect with you once it is received. Just click the ‘Submit your Diagnostic here’ button below to start the process.

Meet Our Team

Kirk O'Malley

President / General Manager
(623) 209 - 7869

Kim P

Senior Scheduling Coordinator
(623) 209 - 7871